European Mile UK 31.05.2021

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When 05.06.2021

The European Mile in line with the objectives of the Street Games is to "change the lives of young people in underprivileged communities through sport and physical activity" is made possible by UK partners. The European Mile will be used to assist community organizations in engaging young people, families, and citizens in their local communities.

The focus is on encouraging individuals to come out for the first time or to return to being active. The benefits of physical and mental activity and being outside will be the focus. Wherever possible, links will be provided to events and activities throughout the United Kingdom that share the same concept. A social media 'buzz' through the initiative, will last from May until September. On the 5th of June, a virtual event will be hosted as part of MOVEWeekday.

Also, as the UK's lockdown eases over the next months, we expect increased activity for individuals and groups, necessitating some summer presence and engagement. We will provide information and support to LTOs, young people, and national partners during our active engagement period, which runs from April to September.

European Mile can be a tool to help community organisations to work in their local area – engaging young people, families and residents.

Main mission of events in the UK was to transform the lives of young people in disadvantaged communities through sport and physical activity.

Young people from disadvantaged communities had a chance to return to being active or get out for the first time.

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The EUROPEAN MILE is one of our brand new events, that we are organising, as an official European Week of Sport event. The concept of the EUROPEAN MILE is designed to build a bridge between ISCA and European Week of Sport. It will focus on using public streets for citizens’ activities and mobility, and thus celebrate both the heathy and environmentally friendly modes of transport, and the broader benefits of physical activity. In addition, EUROPEAN MILE is part of the year-round ISCA campaign NowWeMOVE, which has the vision of getting 100 million more Europeans active in sport or physical activity by 2020.


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