European Mile Portugal 05.06.2021

Where Portugal
When 05.06.2021

The European Mile taking place in Portugal will run under the four event hosts namely Portuguese Network of Senior Universities, Walk and Run centers of the Portuguese Athletics Federation, National federation of social solidarity cooperatives, Portuguese Sport Group of Transplanted Patients.

The EM event of the Portuguese Network of Senior Universities will be taking place on 5th June and between 23-30 September 2021. With the events running in various locations and geographical regions a total of 38 localities will participate and 50 events will be hosted to become a true example of sport for all movements. Around 5000 participants will try to find their mile.

The National federation of social solidarity cooperatives event will be hosted between 5-June and 23-30 september. There will be 12 events with 12 localities involved which will promote walking activities in its institutions across the country.

The Walk and Run centers of the Portuguese Athletics Federation event will be hosted on 5-June with 24 localities participating in 30 events.

By reaching different groups of the population we will give them the opportunity to come back to physical activity after a longer break.

Main Partners:

  • Portuguese Athletics Federation
  • Portuguese network of third age universities
  • National federation of social solidarity cooperatives
  • Sports club for transplant patients in Portugal
Pedro Vidal, Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth Coordinator European Mile - Portugal Portugal


The EUROPEAN MILE is one of our brand new events, that we are organising, as an official European Week of Sport event. The concept of the EUROPEAN MILE is designed to build a bridge between ISCA and European Week of Sport. It will focus on using public streets for citizens’ activities and mobility, and thus celebrate both the heathy and environmentally friendly modes of transport, and the broader benefits of physical activity. In addition, EUROPEAN MILE is part of the year-round ISCA campaign NowWeMOVE, which has the vision of getting 100 million more Europeans active in sport or physical activity by 2020.


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