European Mile Finland 16.06.2021

Where Finland
When 16.06.2021

The European Mile in Finland will be packed by inspiring events around the country:

16th June 2021:

  • TUL Athletics Championship Competition

3rd and 4th July 2021:

  • TUL Veteran Athletics Championship Competition

14th August:

  • Main event in Helsinki includes jogging and walking miles for anyone to participate without any exercise background. There will also be a mile-long culture walk in the local mansion area.
  • In Tampere, Helsinki and Oulu, mile-long walking events will happen. Events will include other attractions as well, such as getting to know local history.

Events will include mile long routes. Along the routes there were activity stops, which included different tasks especially for children, for example ball throwing, agility tasks, javelin throwing etc. For older children and for adults, there will be also quiz tasks along the routes.

Main Partners:

  • Olvi
Riku Tapio, The Finnish Workers’ Sports Federation TUL Coordinator European Mile - Finland Finland


The EUROPEAN MILE is one of our brand new events, that we are organising, as an official European Week of Sport event. The concept of the EUROPEAN MILE is designed to build a bridge between ISCA and European Week of Sport. It will focus on using public streets for citizens’ activities and mobility, and thus celebrate both the heathy and environmentally friendly modes of transport, and the broader benefits of physical activity. In addition, EUROPEAN MILE is part of the year-round ISCA campaign NowWeMOVE, which has the vision of getting 100 million more Europeans active in sport or physical activity by 2020.


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