Latvia gets pre-school and kindergarten children moving and collecting miles

By Anastasija Marcenko, Coordinator European Mile - Latvia & Jana Milošević, ISCA

In the first week of June (1-5 June), Latvia's NowWeMOVE National Coordinator and MOVE Agents managed to involve 120 pre-school educational institutions from 51 municipalities in the European Mile. With even more local organisers getting on board, the European Mile reached residents in a total of 60 Latvian municipalities.

Having in mind the main obstacle: Covid-19 restrictions prohibiting mass events, they found a clever way to implement the European Mile donation challenge in their country. They focused on activating "bubbles", or encouraging small groups of people to partake in sports activities such as runs, games, hikes, or relays - the perfect example being kindergartens and pre-school educational institutions.

The MOVE Agents were very excited about creating activities in these educational institutions. Merchandise was prepared for the events, and every participating institution received banners and T-shirts.

One of the most notable events was an online challenge called "Collect miles", organised in collaboration with the online challenge platform Participants could connect the specific sports apps they were using (such as Strava, Map my run, etc.) and sync their progress between the app and the platform. The participants with the most miles collected were rewarded.

Last, but not least, several Nordic walking events were organised for groups in municipalities with Nordic walking trainers.

It is important to mention the astounding number of 12,000 people who participated in the 159 events organised. The organisation of such a big number of events wouldn't have been possible without the 186 MOVE Agents involved in the process, and of course, the 400 volunteers who helped make everything happen as successfully as it did.


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Posted on 31/08/2021 by Anastasija Marcenko, Coordinator European Mile - Latvia & Jana Milošević, ISCA