Sunday Jun 06

Miasto Ezerets: North beach Durankulak

Where ul 1 n 15, Shabla municipality, Dobritch region, Country Bulgaria Durankulak ,
When Event Start

We are part of the program Spot Bulgaria, in partner with Bg be Active, finance by Coca-cola Foundation. In this context we wanted to support  the cleaning of the north beach of Durankulak village. We will clean one mile  of the wild beach, walking and  making sportives games on the beach.

This event will mark the starting of the initiatives of Spot Ezerets.

A civil unformal group and the community center'"Otets Paisii 1901" of the village Ezerets , organize several action engaging local people in the devellopment of there living place, strating with protection of the wild area, and supporting better managment of garbadge, specially with a better organisation for efficient recycling.