Thursday Apr 22

Krog solidarnosti okoli planeta Zemlja

Where Levstikova 18 Brežice ,
When Event Start

800  students and 84 teachers

6302,5 km

Climate Solidarity Run at Brežice Elementary School

On Friday, April 23, 2021, students and teachers at Brežice Elementary School held a day with special content entitled The Circle of Solidarity around the planet Earth. The main goal of the event, which has been held on Earth Day for several years and whose initiator is Slovenian Caritas, is to raise awareness among young people about climate change and about the importance of the movement for health.

Eight hundred students and 84 teachers attended the race. Together we ran a total of 6302.5 km. In addition, from September 2020 to the end of April 2021, students with special needs who attend Brežice Elementary School, added 2103 km to the mentioned kilometers, which they "accumulated" every day before class. Most students with special needs arrive to school by vans quite early in the morning. Instead of waiting for their classes to begin in the classroom, they walk to the city park and back every morning.

How did Matija, a sixth grader, experience the day with special content? He confided in us with the following words: “I liked it when we went to Vrbina, where we tried to run as many kilometers as possible in support of our planet. We also ran for ourselves. If we know how to take care of our health, we will also know how to take care of the "health" of our Earth. "

Photos from the event are available on the website of the Brežice Elementary School